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Binary Space Logo

Class 3 Outbreak is developed by Binary Space, copyright © 2009 - 2012.

Technical Director / Programming:

Saxon Druce


Creative Director / Design / Art:

Jay Weston


Additional Programming:

Luke Mitchell


Rhys Lindsay

Wagner Bridal Chorus: Kevin MacLeod


Jon Weston

Images, Photography, Icons:

Marcin Wichary
Mad House Photography
Vaughan Leiberum
Login icons by jwloh
Editor tool buttons based on icons by Icons Etc
App Store button by GraphicsFuel

Sound Effects and Music Samples:

Acclivity, Analogchill, Corpsehere, Ddohler, Dobriode, Erdie, ERH, Fastson, Figowitz, Fotoshop, Freqman, gcmax, Gezortenplotz, Guitarguy1985, IfartInYourGeneralDirection, Isprice, Jon285 Kathol, Leady, Martypinso, MorganTJ, NoiseCollector, Omar Alvarado, Percy Duke, PhreaKsAccount, Pushtobreak, Reinsamba, RHumphries, Thanvannispen, Vosvoy, Vtownpunks


Big thankyous to the following people who helped support the development of Class 3 Outbreak!

Class 1 Survivors:

Ethan Maglaya
Emil Olofsson
Paul Drees
Adam Day
João Pedro Fernandes
Sean Phippen

Special Thanks:

Jodie, Aiden and Laura Druce
Miles Tilmann @ PixelJam
Colm Larkin @ Gambrinous
Sam Horton @ FunFaceGames
Adam Schroeder @ Flash Game License
Everyone who Dugg or otherwise promoted ZOS and C3O
Zombies, each and every one of you!

'Class 3 Outbreak' has been independently created in Australia and is not associated with any book, movie or other creation.