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Marikina Outbreak

Location: Santo Niño, Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Map Author: JoshD
Plays: 952


It's been 2 weeks after the infection of "Ebola Virus" here in Marikina. Me, my family, and my friends had been evacuated at the Marikina Sports Center, which is fully-secured by the military and the staff of the Department of Health. Then suddenly, a horde of zombies had breached the sports complex. Many people had panicked, and the military started shoot those zombies with their assault rifle. I couldn't find my family, but I found two of my friends, and they were armed, and one of them gave me a "Glock-17" pistol and a "Remmington" pump-action shotgun. Well, it's time to exterminate all the zombie pests, and get the out of this city for survival, and find my missing family members.

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