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Undead In Perthmore!!!

Location: Perth, ON, Canada
Map Author: rahiokawines
Plays: 2559


Welcome to Perthmore. A lovley suburban area, mostly populated my seniors. Little had heard about the massacre at the nearby highschool, PDCI. Those who did stocked up on the essentials. Now, most clueless to the zombies coming their way, the residents have decided to throw a block party, celebrating the lovelyness of Perthmore... In other words, most of the residents will be on the street, dead meat for those hungry zombies. A group of students who escaped PDCI have come together to fight them off. A special resident, Wendy, has plenty of food in her freezer, not to mention, a cat and dog for company. Grab everyone you can and get over there!!! But be careful! a fence divides the 2 streets, so you have to go around to get there. Don't forget, get everyone in there!

Good luck to you, and, don't forget... when things look bad... RUN!!!
Created by Fisher H.

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