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Temporary Relief

Location: Coral Gables Section, Coral Gables, FL, USA
Map Author: Eduardo V.
Plays: 2165


The roads to the evacuation site were a real hell to traverse. The sheer number of cars that clogged the roads was sobering. They didn't move and no one occupied them. It was as if though some mysterious force just sent them all away in the middle of what would have been a normal day.

Yet this force was no longer a mystery to us. It was all too real and was ready to consume us without warning. No one said anything as we walked towards the evac site. We were all too busy thinking of friends who didn't make it or what our homes looked like in comparison to the world around us.

Frankly, the world around us was nothing short of a battlefield. People were rushing about, either running from the cannibal plague, or fighting it with ferocity. We needed to get through this mess and hold down the fountain, otherwise whatever temporary relief we were supposed to recieve would never come.

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