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The Newport Incident.

Location: Newport, KY, USA
Map Author: razorhamlincoln
Plays: 4014


It was supposed to be just a normal day when the outbreak occured to the north, in downtown Cincinnati. the city's inhabitant's expected that day to be just like any other day: they expected to wake up, go to work, come home and then go to sleep. but that wasn't the case, for what fate had in mind for them was far more sinister.
During the first few hours of the outbreak there was very little media coverage, with only a few mentions of a woman being attacked by an unknown assailent, or a fight occuring in a bar, with the scuffle ending in one of the men getting "bitten" by the other.
As the hours passed and the sun began to set over the western horizon, the attacks became more frequent. The incidents started to be seen as actually being riots with an unknown cause (if any at all!). By this point the CPD realized that this was a true threat. So being fully armed, they tried to talk the rioters into a compromise. but they would not listen to reason, and would indescriminently attack anyone they saw.
According to eyewitness acounts, anyone who was unlucky enough to be caught by the rioters would be "bitten and scratched" by them, and sometimes even "ripped limb from limb", with the attacked soon after getting up, as if from the dead, and joining the rioters.
At any rate, there was a bloody battle for the city fought between the police and the rioters, a battle that the military would join in, and a battle that the rioters would eventually win. After the city was lost, the rioters spread there influence, invading the surounding city's of Covington, Norwood, Cheviot and Newport.
You are...you. even though you probably live halfway around the world you have somehow found yourself in Newport Kentucky, and must now fight for survival. Good luck!

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