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Tokyo Nightmare

Location: Japan, Tokyo Ota大森西3丁目4−8
Map Author: crimsonwraith89
Plays: 10662


Hours spent making the map: 5
Hours spent testing/revising the map: 10
Hours spent watching/reading High School of the Dead: Probably too many.

People familiar with the area may realize this is actually a junior high school, but I'm not worrying about the minor details in my zombie apocalypse scenario.

This map boasts roughly two hundred buildings in a bustling metropolis of narrow streets and mazelike alleyways. Several larger buildings are split into sections, particularly the school and office building. For this reason, I strongly suggest playing with the walls visible.

The map is divided in the center by a canal. Three bridges are the only way across for living and dead, and make good chokepoints if you want to try to secure one side of the map first.

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