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The Battle Of Yonkers.

Location: Northwest Yonkers, Yonkers, NY, USA
Map Author: utahrapter3
Plays: 3283


8 million zombies are coming from the overrun Manhattan the military has provided themselves with heavy biological warfare suits (play as a fat man if you want to be a soldier)and various useless weapons.You and your buddies were recruited as reporters to witness and film the triumphant victory over the infected the outcome was not as predicted.What was meant as a morale booster for Americans ended up causing mass panic as news stations showed the battle again again and again.You survived along with 2 other people.The battle is over and the military retreated west of the Rockies leaving you to die.You of course can't take on 8 million zombies but you can atleast try.The zombies will be coming from Manhattan and the surrounding area.You WILL die...

Yonkers,we will never forget.

Story taken from World War Z by Max Brooks

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