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Industrial Zombie Solutions

Location: Nedlands WA, Australia
Map Author: Saxon Druce
Plays: 4230


I sat at my desk, staring at a line of code and lost in thought, barely noticing the familiar click-clack of the keyboards of the people around me.

Suddenly, a high-pitched scream broke my concentration. We looked out the window from our second-floor office and saw the source of the noise - a man, his clothes torn and covered in blood, was attacking a young woman. I looked down the street and saw hundreds more of them coming our way, chasing and killing anyone in sight.

Someone had the foresight to run downstairs and lock the door. We hope it holds - dozens of them are now clawing at it, trying to find a way in. Who are these people? What is going on? The Internet and phones seem to be down, we have no way to call for help...


This is the area where I used to work a few years ago. I was in the rectangular building with the white roof on the north side of the main road, opposite the park.

At the west end of the main road is the local petrol station - a frequently visited source of quick snacks :)

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