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St Clare's International College, Oxford

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
Map Author: Rufus Lunn
Plays: 2156


They never said it'd be easy when they sent you here. They never lied about the strictness of the rules, the overwhelming workload or the sleepless nights as you finished that last little essay.

No, they never did tell you it was going to be easy. But then they didn't mention the survival rates of the students either...

You see, the International Baccalaureate is respected around the world not for its well-rounded curriculum or even its strenuous activities program...

It's respected because only 5% of the students ever survive the process.

The other 95%? They become grotesque, shambling humanoids who'd rip you apart and eat your brains just to fill their bodies with enough brain matter to complete that latest ToK essay.

So the good news? You're one of that lucky 5%.
The bad? The other 95% are out to get you.


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