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Location: Mint Hill, NC, USA
Map Author: Spamfest
Plays: 1454


As usual, you turn down this lane, as usual, you wait in a long line to get past the Stoplight. Not as usual, a Zombie start's banging on your car window. You run out of your car and down a street, a policeman is handing out guns and is getting all of you civilians to hole up in the CVS/Pharmacy, but the Policeman is infected, and you hurriedly run out of the Pharmacy. Your standing next to the road now, and wondering what you will do. . .

Hello, it's me, Spamfest. if you notice any issues or have any suggestion's concerning my map you can PM in the forums, I'm Spamfest there too. :)

This map is an experiment in "getting back to the basics" no rooms, no tree trunk's, and no fancy-shmancy geometry.

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