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Hugo A. Owens Middle School

Location: Deep Creek South, Chesapeake, VA, USA
Map Author: Jason Pham
Plays: 1036


When the infection hit, your local middle school was sought as refugee.
You were one of the many people swarming the area for protection.
Unfortunately, the mass number of people attracted the zombies towards the school. Many people have become victims to the attacks and eventually became one of them. Panic struck and chaos emerged. The infection will quickly spread if no one steps up to lead, but everyone is too busy fending for themselves.
You, however, quickly think of a plan: get to the cafeteria. The cafeteria has numerous tables which could be used to barricade doors and windows and has plenty of space for people to fit in. The only problem to your plan, however, is getting there.
Grab anyone willing to come along and get to the cafeteria!

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