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Defend Jordi's from the majouvits!

Location: Ballyboden, Co. South Dublin, Ireland
Map Author: Jordi
Plays: 3963


Sweet session has descended into madness. Jordi, ever the host has invited a select few kewl guys back to his but word has spread. Every scrote with a sixer of Tuborg and a bag of head shop jocaine has rolled in to wreck the place. Defend the gaffer with these savage guns you picked up. Jack and Greg, ever the soundies provide some top quality support with witty banter and colourful language.

If you defend the gaf, feel free to buzz over to the sports ground (NE) to catch some sweet rays and a bit of frisbee while basking around the mutated corpses of the scumbags. A knowledge of Terenure is preferable...in all walks of life.

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