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Zombie Outbreak

Location: Lake St George, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, USA
Map Author: Jesse Champion
Plays: 1433


Whatever it is, it's spreading. The neighborhood is being overrun with these creatures, who are using our own strength against us. Luckily, you and a few friends have been preparing for the arrival of this day and have brought along some provisions to see you through it.

The last you heard was that the national guard was evacuating people from the dock, and that all remaining survivors should try and make their way there. However that was when this was still a localised outbreak and the military may have differed to more strategic goals since then.

You told your girlfriend that you would come for her at the bank, but going there will involve risking your life and the lives of your companions.

Your friends have left it to you to decide. Should you bunker down in a house? Save your girlfriend? Or make a perilous dash to the dock which may or may not have already been overrun by zombies? Decide fast dear friend for this plague is spreading.

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