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Hell St.

Location: 1911 Uitgeest, Países Bajos
Map Author: Luciano Martinolich
Plays: 918


as the sun comes down in the horizon, you can't help but feel hopeless. when the dead started coming from the north, when people started to scream, when gunshots were heard, car crashes, windows breaking, your first thought was scape, find a way to scape what is surely going to become a nightmare. There are only two boats that you know of that still have some fuel to get out of there: one is in the left far side of the farm, in the dock, a small boat that you hear has a radio in it...but between the farm and the dock there will be trouble.
The other is on the north-east of the town (right in the upper-right corner of the map)...but some people blocked off the overpass with a truck meaning that you will need to find a way around, and they will be waiting.
Your friends, just as you, are feeling hopeless, where to go? will you survive?

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