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Mill Avenue - Downtown Tempe

Location: Tempe, AZ, USA
Map Author: Zelmisburg
Plays: 1780


What was once a bustling downtown district in the middle of the city of Tempe is now a wasteland. Zombies are shuffling around, killing and infecting anybody the horde can find. You and your friends are scattered about the skyscrapers and lakeside. Can you pull your team together to survive this catastrophe?

*Edit 1 (2 - 16 - 2012)* Due to the map refresh, many redundant barriers were removed, and covermaps have been updated to match the new image angle and shadows.

*Edit 2 (11 - 8 - 2013)* Due to yet another map refresh, cars were re-mapped, as were covers. The map should be accurate and updated now. Additionally, new features are now implemented.
*Amendment A (11 - 13 - 2013) <Added complexity to the Western Mill Building; additonal entrances for Parking Garage and Western Highrise; Hilly Area in parkland edited; minor touchups everywhere else>

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