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Pennsylvanian Farmland

Location: Dimock, PA, USA
Map Author: m_d_m24
Plays: 942


My third map. This one's small, but it's everything but easy!

Zombies will be surrounding you everywhere. The best thing to do would be to take shelter in the small group of houses and barns in the center of the map. Resources will be small, but the houses are the best place to camp, as they are protected by trees and brush, along with some fences and other objects. Building roadblocks will be vitally important.

It may be best to not group all the survivors into one house, as one could be anonymously infected.

Note: This is a specially hard map. At three minutes in, the zombie number will spike, because it takes three minutes for infection. Zombies will flood in, and it would be safest to block an entrance with a barricade.

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