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Suburban Nightmare

Location: Glens Falls, NY, USA
Map Author: Alex Meglino
Plays: 5010


Hearing sirens blasting past through your neighborhood is nothing but your typical noise you hear once in awhile. But hearing screams and gunshots all over your neighborhood at one time?? What's going on here?

I got myself into a jogging pace when I past by this lady. She was hurt, her hand was wrapped tight with a torn fabric of her own clothes. But the blood still bleed out profusely as she left a trail behind of her own blood. She freaked out and started sprinting away when she saw me.

I couldn't do anything to help that lady but to push it out of my mind. I finally made it to my house when something staggered out of my driveway. I actually knew this guy, a great big fat man from down the street who did everyone's taxes. That was all I could describe about him when saw how horrible mangled he looked. It's like a pack of wild animals had a feeding frenzy all across his gut.

He made a gurgling moan when he saw me and started to come after me. I ran inside and locked the door. I made my way up the stairs into my room to get my firearm. I only had enough to get by, but I knew I need more soon. I had a friend who works at a TV station downtown, hopefully I could get her out of there and see what is going on.

The fat man was still downstairs, banging and busting his way through. I need to be careful, just stay calm and be clear headed about the situation. And if I have to I'll steal whatever I can get in order to survive. Hang on there buddy, help is on the way!

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