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Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

Location: Sparks, NV, USA
Map Author: Efren Reyes
Plays: 1338


It's been a long day of work and your walking to your car when you start to hear sceaming in the distance.You start to walk to where the scream came from.All you find there is two blood pools,a pistol, and a shotgun with 12 rounds in it.Your first thought is to call 911 but, your call goes un anwsered.Then you hear a voice coming from the loud speaker you recognize the vioce as of Adam a co-worker of yours he said ''Every-one find a weapon or run for your life, zombies have come and they're hungry.This is not a drill or prank i repeat this is not a drill or prank.Me and my co-workers Paul,Emil,Joao,Ethan and Sean are helping any-one with killing these zombies find us and well help you fight against those flesh eating...Oh S*** there breaking the door im out of here''.The speaker cut and as you bend down to pick up the guns a zombie grabs you from behind and tries to bite you but, luckly you manage to get free, grab the pistol and kill the zombie. Your gun shot brought more zombies so you get in your car,drove away and never looked back. You've almost have driven 10 miles when you receive a call from one of your friends telling you that he and another friend where visiting when the outbreak had happened they both had a pistol but, they wouldn't last for that long and asked for your help.You think to your self no im not going back but, you could never live with your self if they got turned into zombies so you turned back to help your friends.You knew that you where going to die but if you did you where going to kill as many zombies as possible. You get back and find your friends. The rest of this story is up to you.Good luck.

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