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Airport Of The Walking Dead

Location: Little Woods, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Map Author: Max Lönn
Plays: 1071


For two days ago USA's president informed the world about that a sudden virus has been discovered on New Orleans. Millions of people have been evacuated but still more are left there. You are one of the many left people on New Orleans. You and your friends have to fight of the undead army and survive. The atom bomb is already on the way to set a stop to this horrible nightmare. Your task will be a hard challenge. You gonna have to improve your survival skills alot if you want to survive on this doomed airport...

Option 1: Stay inside one of the large houses and find a good strategy to hold back the zombies.

Option 2: Keep moving from house to house as much as possible and search for ammo and wood. After you are done and have much resources, start build a good barrier around a large building and stay there. But be sure to have a escape route in case something would go wrong or if the zombies start die out.

Option 3: Put a bullet to your head.

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