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No Hope part 1-?

Location: Ottawa, Toledo, OH, USA
Map Author: speedwittenberg
Plays: 931


you and your friends were at prom. then some nerds wanted payback. so they made some anthrax. but they spill a little somthing in it. they put it in the drinks. they it turned everyone into zombies. so you and your friends need to save prom and you need to become prom king. and get some kissys from the prom queen. but there was a mass panic. you lost your friends. but the good news is you found the prom queen. and a nerd that you buillyed. u have to try to save the school. when u kill all zombies the next map is http://www.class3outbreak.com/maps/44151/ottawa-toledo-oh-usa/games/1

-notes- this is going to be an RPG kind of maps. after u kill all zombies here. there will be a link here in the description with were u go next. the next map im working on is right under this one. it will be ur base.

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