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Rochester castle outbreak

Location: Rochester, Medway, UK
Map Author: splatt9736
Plays: 1100


Oh no, there has been an out break of the dead coming back to life in the cathedral grounds to the right of the castle, it is spreading fast. You and a few survivors must find a place to withstand the onslaught of zombies..... the castle looks the best option, there are only two entrances to the grounds that the zombies can flood in from, take out the ones in the castle grounds, then block the two entrances to the north and west. all else fails then head to the castle. There is one other slim chance and thats to head for the river onto the jetty to the west and head for the boats, the zombies will bottle kneck and you can take them wave at a time..... but it's up to you!


For those who want to just run the simulator, edit the direction of the zombie infestation to the north as this has the best results. plus set zombie speed to fast.
You can do this from the infection settings (top right of map).

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