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Another Stepping Stone

Location: Flagami, Miami, FL, USA
Map Author: Eduardo V.
Plays: 2159


It's been a few hours since the outbreak first struck at our school and we made our way to the fountain. We thought we had been rescued when the helicopter finally came for us, but I guess fate wouldn't hear of it given that the helicopter started having mechanical problems. Within secons of the pilots encountering the priblems, we crashed. My friends and I survived, which is more than I can say for the crew of the helicopter.

After escaping the wreckage, we found ourselves in the plaza I once bough my groceries in. Now it was serving out anarchy and chaos as civilians fought zombies and each other to survive. Unfortunately we were caught straight in the middle of everything. Our objective was clear however, we had to go West. The radio told of an evac site that would take people north towards a military base that was presumably safer than here. Whether we would actually make it to the site was another question however that didn't seem to have clear answer.

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