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Last Hope

Location: Miami, FL, USA
Map Author: Eduardo V.
Plays: 1898


It's funny really, the evac site and the plaza we had just come from are no more than 20 minutes apart, yet it took us a good 15 to 20 minutes more navigating through the hordes and chaos that had completely enveloped the city. The evac site, though, was not exempt from this description. In fact chaos might have been the only word to properly describe it.

A combination of soldiers and civilians were scattered in all directions, in some shape or form. Some were alive, running and screaming as the last remnants of sanity and calm left their minds, and the dread of the possibility of being eaten alive, slowly seeped in. Then there were those who had been injured in any number of ways. They were either being helped through the mess by others, or shambling through it themselves.

And almost everywhere you looked, the dead lay strewn, with very little to separate dead zombies from dead humans. We had to help, or the entire evac site would fall into the abyss, as would any chance of rescue or escape. The evac site was our last hope of getting out to somewhere far away from the city, which had turned into a creature that was slowing being consumed by hidden evils that the zombie apocalypse had unleashed.

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