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World War Z

Location: New Downtown, Los Ángeles, California, EEUU
Map Author: Alejandro Gutierrez
Plays: 2867


December 19 ,9:30 A.M
It was a sunny day, I just woke up everything was normal, I went to work and couldnt believe it a man had a severe fever and combulsion and he suddenly passed out
We called an ambulence as soon as possible they took him, some of us were worried
but sudenly everyone calmed down but it wasn't until we heard that there were other cases around L.A there were a few deaths
This new disease started to gain strenght no one could ever see each other because of it the death toll began to rise to over 20,000 deaths per day
11:48 p.m
I went to sleep that night wondering if that could happen to me, but I fell asleep
just by thinking of that
December 20, 8:12 A.M
A sudden noise woke me from my sleep someone droped something on the first floor of my house it was a glass maby a cup or something and I lived alone I thought some thief broke in so I pulled out my gun that was inside, some of my furniture I quitly began to walk downstairs scared that he could kill me that instant it seem that he was in the kitchen trying to look for some thing so quitly a aimed at him I was terrified, he was cover in blood his clothing torn apart he was wondering around my house I told him if he was okay and he responded me with a growl he bagan to shuffle straight towards me i was so terrified a pulled the trigger to his heart and he didnt die but that was imposible how couldnt he die so he opened fire many times to his chest and nothing so finally a shot him straight to his head and he tumbled straight to the floor I was terrified I stood there several minutes until I heard something eary outside I opened the it was a caos everyone was killing eacother eating each other, burning cars, houses tec, and at the corner of my eye I saw my friend running at me they had no sighns of the simptoms and we gather and prepared our weapons and here were fighting for our lifes

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