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North Reading High School and Area

Location: North Reading, MA, USA
Map Author: Marcus
Plays: 1515


The North Reading High School was well known for strict policies, good teachers, and a high student success rate. Now, it is known for strict barrier guidelines, flesh eating teachers, and a high student death rate!
While the school itself is too large to defend, there are a lot of rooms for supplies and a few rooms built for a strong resistance. The field outside is a scuicide zone, and the buildings in the surrounding area are far too small for a group to hide out in.
However difficult it may seem, there ARE several small safe havens and fortresses of solitude where a resourceful survivor can hold his or her own against the undead horde.
A varied map that will require both wits and luck to live for long, this little slice of Hell brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "surviving high school."

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