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The Z Invasion of Glenelg Beach

Location: Glenelg SA 5045, Australia
Map Author: Jay Weston
Plays: 2344


Tourists and locals flocked to the beach on this sweltering summer day. The hot sun cooked the dead's rotting flesh and a light breeze carried their foul odour. As the living sipped on iced coffees and lay on the beach, they could all smell them before they saw them. The Zs had come from the airport to the north - the packed main street of Jetty Rd would be a death trap...


Authors notes:
I used to come here regularly, especially during summer. Jetty Rd to the south is lined with shops and cafes, and the beach (west) is very popular. To the east is a large supermarket.

Suggested Settings
No. Civilians: 750
Armed Civs: 0% (no one carries guns in Australia)
No. Zombies: 100
Direction: North
Speed/Infection: Normal

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