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Harbor Drive

Location: Modesto, CA, USA
Map Author: Elijah Lopez
Plays: 1147


This map is based on my neighborhood I was raised in. Not sure why you want to play this map, but nonetheless enjoy!

Shoutout to my friends who grew up with me here: Noah Perez, Ben Perez, Alec Davis, Alainna Davis, Audrey Wilson, Ricky Stockton.

My friends and I were playing xbox until we heard a few screams outside, we got a little disturbed but we ignored it. our parents have left to go out. after an hour we were hearing severe screams, yelling, growling coming fro outside. until all the sudden someone broke into my house. I was frightened out of my mind! so befor i could think I packed my stuff and jumped out my window. neighbors were running from people with bloody mouths, cars were parked all over the road. out of the crowd of people i re-grouped with my friends trying to get our heads straight. we knew what was going on was horrable. so we quickly ran inside, grabbed our parents guns and came back outside. now we have to find out what to do next...

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