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Fred C. Beyer High School

Location: Modesto, CA, USA
Map Author: Elijah Lopez
Plays: 1014


Today is Tuesday, nothing new. Just the same thing at Beyer hanging out with my friends in class. meanwhile, the fire alarm goes off. maybe another freshmen pulled it. We went outside and mass panic from the city occured in the distance. Zombies were attacking from the street. Sirens, distant screams and gunshots could be heard. The zombies began attacking the school. Our only hope of escape any way possibe, even if it means killing every one of those things.

Shoutout to my friends, Beyer Class of 2014!
Austin Walker, Matt Gonzalez, Shavin Jit, Michael Gutierrez, Steven Thomas, Christina Moscato, Rafael Nunez, Kevin boungnaseng n everyone else for being there for me during the apacalypse!

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