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Zombie Invasion of LHS

Location: Leumeah NSW 2560, Australia
Map Author: Mitchell W.
Plays: 1134


A sophisticated zombie based scenario at Leumeah High School. You start outside the Administration building of LHS, You have been told the Zombie Horde of 1000 is coming from the West and must prepare to defend the area.

Best method of survival is a barricade of LHS back car park and a barricade North at the top of the map, this will prevent or at least slow down the advancing horde (depending how good you are).

This map includes the layout of the High School, to a degree, including Science Labs, Art & Workshop areas, Locker rooms, Offices, Agricultural Area, various rooms and the Library. Each House has also been fitted with individual layouts to provide maximum variables.

Best Method: As stated before, barricade West entrance to LHS and a barricade North (on the road) of LHS. This will secure half of the map instantly. Place one survivor at each barricade to work. Allow the third survivor to find your "Friends" as the barricades will not hold off the horde with just one person for long.

Also, the infection rate of the virus is MUCH quicker.

Hope you enjoy the game, as a previous student I always thought of a Zombie Invasion, though this game is limiting I hope you still enjoy


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