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Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
Map Author: Darren Cullen
Plays: 726


the 23 zed games -u voulentier for the zed games if u survive u are awarded with gold each year a small space is closed of when all voulentiers are inside a few
zombies are released into the area

this area is enclosed with big buildings lots of walls and thousnds of cars either forceing you to be sourounded by zed because theres not alot of space or to find a safe haven wich there are plenty of in the middle and south of the map.the east and west are a vast field of car parks industry to the south shopping centers in the
middle a few houses and a main road to the north and at the very edge of the west part of the map is a high way this info could save your life

time u have to survive for o.15 hours
outside quarinetined area areanas to south and west safe zone to north and east
have fun

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