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Larchkinland Horror

Location: Dundee City, UK
Map Author: James Thomson
Plays: 728


When the outbreak hits Larch Street in Dundee, 3 survivors from number 30 must band together and unite with their neighbours in order to survive. Possible aim: try to keep your original group alive and get a group of 4 or more alive and well into number 30, collecting supplies from buildings as you go so that you can barricade yourselves in. If you manage to get a lot of people in your party and a lot of wood for barricades you could even attempt to block off the entraces to the whole collection of 6 houses.

Number 30 is visible from the most top right (North East) corner of the map. Number 30 is the top left house of a group of six, it is a small house with 2 doors and 4 windows, with walls dividing up the inside.

Alternatively you could try to defend one of the larger and more complex buildings, which have multiple rooms to search and doors to barricade. You could even attempt the extermination of all zombies (recommend you keep the main character alive for this as without the shotgun for large groups this can be difficult and tedious).

Tip: there are routes that can take you to the top of the residential areas, towards the far left, middle and far right of the map.

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