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Home Run, Run Home

Location: Concourse, Bronx, NY, USA
Map Author: Darren Smith
Plays: 3742


It was meant to be The Big Game today, your home team against the L.A Dodgers. Instead you stand in the New York Yankee Stadium with hundreds of other refugees, waiting for medical aid and evacuation. What started at JFK airport quickly made it's way to downtown Manhatten and worked its up, a virus that turns those it infects into violent murderous maniacs. As you stand in the arena among the crowd, you hear gunfire and screams from the other side of the stadium walls. It's here.

As hoards of the undead start to fill the streets, killing and infecting the people fleeing the city and trying to cram into the stadium, it's only a matter of time before they get in. You need to find shelter elsewhere, here, you're fodder just waiting for death.

Then you hear screams and gunfire in the stadium, people who got bit previously have brought the infection inside, they mutate and start to rip apart the living, inside the only safe area remaining in New York.

Is it still too late to get out of the stadium and find shelter?
can you get the home run? Or will you strike out?

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