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Umbrella Corporation

Location: Agronômica, Florianópolis - Santa Catarina, Brasil
Map Author: Alejandro Gutierrez
Plays: 1245


At the beginning of the 21st century the Umbrella
Corporation had become the largest commercial
enity in the United States.

Nine out of every ten homes contain it´s products.
It´s political and financial influence is felt

In public it is the world´s leading
supplier of computer Technology, Medical Products
and Health Care.

Unknown even to it´s own employees it´s massive
profits are generated by Military Technology,
Genetic Experimentation and viral Weaponry.

But all this inventions led to its end, wen suddenly catastrophic event occured no one knows what was its cause but it killed everyone inside the facility but that wasn't the problem the problem was that they didn't stay dead

The Goverment of the United States have gathered you and your friends to a rescue operation to the facility

and have luck you'll need it

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