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The Watertower

Location: 1911 Uitgeest, The Netherlands
Map Author: bruul
Plays: 1536


I wanted to make the watertower like a roof so you could see the survivors like when they walk on the ground, grass, etc. And that the survivors could benefit of the height and that the zombies can't get up that easily/fast. But I can´t... I hope that there will be an update for this in the future that you could make roofs and ladders so survivors who are on the roof can benefit of protection for a while untill the zombies get up. Like that the zombies are slower while on ladders.


Well for now I used Road/Ground/Grass for the ladder (zombies are not slowed down), I used Road/Ground/Grass for the roof and around the roof I placed water so the survivors and zombies can still see but not move outside the watertower's ''roof'' except when they use the ladder that's just Road/Ground/Grass.

Other Idea

In the future when the player can control AI('s) and when the military is added I hoped that people who makes maps, could make sandbags or stuff like that, that will increase the accuracy of the survivors and the military. Only if this is possible (with possible I mean that it looks real enough to place on maps).

Report Bugs
If you have found a bug or anything that doesn´t look right, please report it to me via my Hotmail account. Thank you
Contact: Bruul@live.nl

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