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Trouble in Paradise

Location: McCully - Moiliili, Honolulu, HI, USA
Map Author: rykiller
Plays: 15313


Red lines (Wall/High Fence) is added to the river so that a zombie (s) do not get stuck on the river trying to get after a human on the other side. This aspect allows the gameplay to flow smoother and does NOT dictate where you can or can not walk in the area around the river. Any wall outisde of the river acts normally as a wall.

The pool area and the parking area below contain many dark red (Low Fence) areas. This allows for survivors to shoot down into the street and down (or up) from the pool area to the parking lot (vice versa)

Update: as of 7/19/11

1. Missed a few cars: fixed

2. Rooms added to buildings.

3. Windows moved/added/deleted, due to rooms

4. Extra doors added to some of the buildings on the north side.

5. Skyscrapers, (3 large buildings in the south) redone to draw walls instead of following the roof. Althought there may be more space, the rooms were made larger.
More to come.

I figured I would do this on my most popular map. If you enjoyed this map, I have many other maps that are not as popular, however they all are this quality or better.

I have many maps such as "Suburbia" a suburb in Rhode Island. and "Vegas Lakes" around mansions with a large lake surrounding it.

Or you can play my most recent two maps "Hangar" set around a raaf base in Australia, or "Village" A village in Brazil featuring MANY BUILDINGS. The map has many pathways and ways to lose a horde in a matter of seconds. However who knows what will be around the corner!

If you are interested please contact me via email "rykiller@gmail.com" or via forum message.

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