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Assault On Suburbia

Location: Leicester, UK
Map Author: Captain Rhodes
Plays: 2205


The reversal of Earth's magnetic poles has left the protective magnetic field around the planet in a weakend state. High level radiation, which was previously reflected back into space, is now able to penetrate the atmosphere and reach the Earth's surface. Radio and T.V broadcasts across the world are being knocked-out as the level of radiation continues to increase steadily, and reports of violence and murder have been trickleing in from widespread areas. Reports indicate that large numbers of slow-moving people who act like they're in a kind of "trance" are roaming the countryside attacking and killing anyone who crosses their path. Some reports also indicate that the killers are eating the flesh of their victims. People are urged to remain inside or to get to a shelter area immediately, and to stay behind locked doors and windows for saftey. Business workers are encouraged to remain at their places of enployment, and are not advised to venture outside for any reasons until the nature of this crisis has been determined or until a definate course of action has been recomended by emergancy officials. Police and rescue officials are literally swarmed with calls for help. It appears that before [if] this crisis is over, drastic measures will need to be taken to assure the survival of humanity.

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