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Location: Catoosa, Oklahoma, EEUU
Map Author: Alejandro Gutierrez
Plays: 596


Its been almost 5 hours since the infection ocurred I was worried I have already lost my wife in this damn disease now the only thing I want is to see if my daughter is still alive.
I drove the fastest I could with my buddies inside ,I was near, the only thing I could see were trees blocking my view I finally passed the trees and what I saw was ...... I couldnt believe it some kids were outside but they were as they seemed they were infected I was so terrified that I didn't see thje kid wondering around 20 meters in front of the entrance of the school and I ran him over I got out of the car and he was still but wasn't him so I pulled a bullet to his head there should be some kids still alive inside so I went inside to investigate .

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