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Highway Of The Dead

Location: Pike, IN, USA
Map Author: fniff1
Plays: 2223


Up the road, a massive traffic jam attracts more and more of the undead. Some managed to run away from the jam and escape the clawing hands of the zombies. They ran down the highway, coming to a stop in the middle of nowhere. The zombies are coming from a nearby town to the north, south from the traffic jam, west from a holiday resort and east from a nearby city. Can they survive long enough to contact the military to get them out, or will they perish in a firestorm of bullets and moaning? Only time will tell.


This is a random highway in Indiana. There is a forest, a large open area and some cars. If you kill all the zombies coming, then that counts as "Surviving" and in story the military is contacted and they managed to escape again. Enjoy.

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