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Plane Site

Location: Norfolk, VA, USA
Map Author: Jason Pham
Plays: 1525


After barely escaping the disaster in DC, you and the rest of your team arrived at a military checkpoint in Norfolk, Virginia.

You and your team discussed what was happening in DC with other military officials. You share your part of the story, while they share what they know to you. You tell them the behavior and aggressiveness of anyone infected. They tell you how far the virus has spread within the small amount of time you were in flight: a few cities around the original infection site have been attacked and are estimated to become overrun unless a miracle happens.


A few days have passed by. Many different military actions have been placed in attempt to contain the outbreak but to no avail. The military checkpoint has also took the role of evacuating civilians to a safer area.

Suddenly, you hear gunfire in the distance. Pretty soon, a massive wave of people start running toward the planes. You look to see what is going on and find that a horde of zombies are heading toward your direction. As you were analyzing the scenario, a bunch of shouts and orders were made.

People started to be evacuated with any armed people to stay behind and fight. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough firepower to counter the zombies. The entire checkpoint was now supposed to evacuate regardless of status.

The zombies weren't supposed to be anywhere near the city you're in, but there's no time to think about that now. You have to escape on the last plane before it's too late.

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