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The Infections here.

Location: Gainesville, FL, USA
Map Author: Smergalgrems
Plays: 1381


The Infection affecting the other parts of the world has already shown signs within our city. Luckily, the media has made a good job of scaring the local populace, and as such a large (40%) majority of the locals have seen fit to arm themselves. That may slow the infection, but I don't think it'll do any good. These...things..have over run the police, and the Military isn't showing any signs of showing up.

Damn. The News is reporting that the police barricades to the West were finally over run. That means that, any second now, the Infected will be entering this section of the City. The News also reports that, because of the failure to contain the Infection, a building to the South has become a designated evacuation site.

The Infections finally here, it seems. These things are fast and hard to kill, I suppose my options are slim. I can either loot the house Im in as well as the surrounding buildings and try to hunker down for a long ride, or try to make it to the evac station before the city is lost.

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