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Evacuation Site

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
Map Author: Jason Pham
Plays: 1553


Only three weeks have passed by since the outbreak. The infection spreaded faster than anyone could have ever thought. You and your two friends have been hunkered down in an office complex ever since.

When the outbreak was still small, the radio broadcast told everyone to stay indoors and to listen to the radio constantly. Well, that's exactly what you and your friends did. One day, relief rushed through your body when the broadcaster stated that there is an evacuation site near where you were.

You and your friends quickly went to the site, only to find it being attacked by the zombies. The massive amount of people traveling to a single site probably attracted them. Your group quickly heads into the closest building and hope that everyone outside will eventually take care of it. You guys soon realize that the infection is getting worse by the second.

You now have a decision to make: run through the hordes early on and hope to make it out alive, or hunker down in a building and slowly make it towards the ship. Hopefully it won't be gone by the time you arrive there...

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