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The Walking Dead Game - The Marsh House

Location: Historic District - North, Savannah, GA, USA
Map Author: Harvey Free
Plays: 1827


How far would you go to save the girl you love?

This is the real world location of The Marsh house (Marshall House), as seen in The Walking Dead Game: Season 1, Episode 5. The Marsh House itself is marked on the map. The aim of the map is to get from the house you and your small group have holed up in and get to the Marsh House to save Clementine. This all takes place several months after the inicial outbreak so there are very few survivors left in Savannah, all of which are armed to the teeth with weapons. You may have to leave a few people behind to save Clementine and get out of Savannah. But that's okay. We're all in this together.

This map was commishioned by an anonymous user but I hope they're happy with it. If you wish to commision a map from The Walking Dead media (TV Show, Game, Comic Etc.) Email me at harveyinportugal@gmail.com

This is my second Walking Dead Game Map, you can play the first one here: http://www.class3outbreak.com/maps/98822/macon-mo-63552-usa/games/1

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